Technical Articles


Six causes and six countermeasures of “wool silk” and “warp breakage” in water-jet weaving

The physical and mechanical properties of raw materials are not ideal, the fiber fracture strength is low, and the warp thread cohesion is poor. In the […]

Measures and Suggestions for strengthening air conditioning and stabilizing workshop temperature and humidity

The temperature and humidity of the air have a great influence on the production of textile technology. This is because textile materials (natural fibers and chemical […]

How the spinning frame less broken head?

When the steel collar plate rises to the top and starts to fall, the automatic doffing process wheel is pushed to the travel switch, and the […]

Pay attention to these common problems, to ensure the quality of carding

The diameter and number of carded cotton knots will directly affect the number of yarn knots and yarn defects, especially the number of A1 and A2 […]

How to deal with the major fabric defects – broken weft in air jet loom?

Yarn pointed tangles or curved broken weft At the weft tip of the right side of the fabric, there is a slight kink or bend, resulting […]

Production without a plan is futile! How should garment factory make production plan?

The production plan runs through the whole process of value creation: from the concept to the production design process, from the order to the delivery of […]