Production without a plan is futile! How should garment factory make production plan?

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Production without a plan is futile! How should garment factory make production plan?

The production plan runs through the whole process of value creation: from the concept to the production design process, from the order to the delivery of information flow processing process, from raw materials to finished products of the material conversion process and the whole life cycle of support and service process, involving every department and every person.

1 Why plan management

Plan management is the locomotive of effective operation of manufacturing enterprises and also the central brain of enterprises. The essence of the plan is to coordinate with all departments to complete the delivery accurately, stably and quickly, and fulfill the promise made to customers.

2 Planning problems are common in business

Of course, the production plan arranged by the production management department should fully coordinate with the customer’s delivery date, but:

3 Factors affecting the readiness of the plan

(1) production management problems

  1. Poor manual production scheduling skills;
  2. Even when using computers to arrange the master production plan (MPS), there are some mistakes;
  3. Without taking capacity load into consideration, the production plan is arranged with unlimited capacity, of course there will be problems;
  4. The basic data required for production scheduling, such as standard working hours, process route, etc. are deviated;
  5. Production schedule control is not rigorous enough, lacking of timely feedback system and close inspection skills;
  6. The authority of production management has not been established, and the production plan lacks binding force;
  7. Insufficient stress and power of the pipe.

(2) manufacturing problems

  1. The production technology needs to be strengthened and the preparation time is long;
  2. Poor quality of the process occurs from time to time, and there are many reworks in the remanufacturing process;
  3. Too long time for mold change and line change;
  4. High equipment failure rate and low movable rate.

(3) business problems

  1. Short delivery time, variety, and a small number of orders;
  2. Serious cases of temporary customers inserting orders.

(4) material problems

  1. Insufficient purchasing/outsourcing management ability;
  2. The delivery time of suppliers is not allowed, and delays are common;
  3. Inaccurate inventory material account;
  4. Lack of dedicated personnel for material control, insufficient material control and incomplete material supply plan.

4 Three forms of production

  1. Planned production (MTS=Make To Stock)

Two, Order production (MTO=Make To Order) type

Iii. Mixed type of planned and ordered production

Along with the enterprise competition need, the order production (MTO) has made some adjustment and the revision successively

  1. CTO (Configure To Order) : prepare materials and produce until the processing is completed, and then assemble the production and put into storage for shipment after receiving the customer’s Order;
  2. BTO (Build To Order) : prepare materials and receive customer orders before production, processing, assembly, warehousing and shipment;
  3. DTO (Design To Order) : Design, production plan, material preparation, production and shipment shall be started after receiving the customer’s Order, which is the ODM method.

5 Common types of production planning

Generally speaking, planned production (inventory production) is easier to carry out due to the fact that sales are carried out before production. On the contrary, the higher the rate of change in order production, the more challenging it will be to arrange production plans, especially in this particular type of business in the 21st century.

6 Prepare the production plan

Enterprise production management, production planning is very important for a factory, how to do a good job in production planning? This must take into account:

(1) whether the materials are complete;

(2) familiar with the company’s products and product processing procedures;

(3) use of materials;

(4) understand the market demand;

(5) to understand staff dynamics and the normal operation of the machine;

(6) effective tracking and control of production schedule;

(7) the production instructions should be carefully and accurately issued, not less or less;

(8) timely feedback and follow-up of information;

(9) give due consideration to exceptional circumstances;

(10) understand workshop capacity;

(11) manage independent demands;

(12) quality situation and quality control;

(13) under normal circumstances, the schedule cannot be too tight, in order to consider the insertion of urgent order;

(14) understand the products, relevant technological processes and bottleneck processes: purchase in advance;

(15) understand the performance of materials;

(16) follow up the material procurement cycle and material arrival;

(17) reasonable deployment of personnel;

(18) liaise with the supply and storage department and personnel to ensure the supply of materials;

(19) to contact engineering and technical departments for technical support;

(20) make and check the corresponding series plans, such as product development plan, production scheduling plan, personnel plan, capacity plan and load plan, inventory plan, shipment plan, material plan, outsourcing plan, etc.

In the production plan management to do every detail of the consideration, to ensure that the successively considered, step by step to do solid, now the increasingly fierce competition in the manufacturing industry, to ensure the order completion time and material utilization rate function is crucial. Consider key points of the production plan to improve customer service quality and on-time delivery capabilities, and reduce costs, overtime and inventory, ultimately increasing output and profits.

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