Iran has imposed a total ban on the import of 1,339 items in 10 categories, with textiles and clothing taking the lead.

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Iran has imposed a total ban on the import of 1,339 items in 10 categories, with textiles and clothing taking the lead.

On May 8, trump formally announced that the United States is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement. Mr Trump said the us was preparing to resume all sanctions against Iran that it had waived to honour the deal and would impose additional economic penalties.

“” I am announcing that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement today,” “trump said. He also called the Iran nuclear deal a “bad” deal that benefits unilaterally and “has not brought peace in the past and will never bring peace.”

Us Treasury: us sanctions on Iran will be reinstated within 180 days, covering shipping, oil and energy.

Today, in preparation for the arrival of the “strongest sanctions in history”, Iran announced that 1,339 items in 10 categories will be included in the list of prohibited imports.


1- clothing, textiles

2- kitchen supplies

3- Labour supplies

4- real estate supplies

5 – car

6- shoes, bags and leather goods

7 – cosmetics

8- part of the production of mechanical equipment

9- dairy products, foods, medicines

10- furniture, wooden mouth

In order to support Iranian products and manage the outflow of currency, all banned products have local substitutes. The Iranian government said, “we have enough money at our disposal, but we are not allowed to spend money on products that have substitutes in our country. “

Iran at the same time to upgrade the new control of travel abroad to control the outflow of monetary assets!

Although Iran has many years of experience in dealing with sanctions, the coming squeeze of the highest level of sanctions will inevitably lead to more social and political turbulence. Therefore, preparation in advance may lead to more measures to deal with and adapt to early sanctions. Iran/Middle East line freight forwarders need to keep close watch to avoid unnecessary losses.

This is the case of Iran. Although China’s situation is not so far away, it is also a case of internal and external worries, trade wars and currency wars. Perhaps everyone will feel that the above situation in Iran may be taken as an extreme reference. Foreign trade shipping logistics is the autumn river cold duck prophet, should have felt the chill?

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