Adjust the way of spinning machine to improve the comprehensive benefit

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Adjust the way of spinning machine to improve the comprehensive benefit

Purpose of maintenance of spinning frame

Spinning frame is the main equipment to improve spinning quality and output. Reasonable maintenance of spinning frame can remove flying flowers, dust and oil dirt adhered by spinning frame in time. Inspection on vulnerability, easy deformation process parts, repair or exchange according to cycle, or to wipe found in the process of vehicle maintenance equipment is not normal wear and tear, vibration, fever, deformation, timely solve the problems such as running, reduce equipment status difference caused by the bad car, beheaded, avoid the labor intensity of workers, machine parts and raw material consumption and the increasing power consumption and so on, to eliminate its adverse effects on the quality and yield, etc.

  1. Maintenance scope of spinning frame wiper

The maintenance scope of the spinning frame wiper includes: wiping off the head, the tail and the drafting gear parts of the spinning frame and filling lubricating oil; Wipe, wipe and clear all other parts of the vehicle; Add oil to roller caps, spindles, bearings and spindles on a regular basis; Replacement of the special foundation parts for spinning, such as wire ring, rubber roller and rubber ring; Calibration of the position of the bell mouth, cotton suction pipe, cleaner and guide stroke pipe; Adjust the coaxiality of guide hook, spindle and collar; Check the flexibility of the lifting spindle and the running state of the blower and suction fan; Flat steel collar plate height.

  1. Disadvantages of traditional maintenance mode of spinning machine

With the continuous development of the market economy, equipment management is changing from technical management to economic management, and the maintenance system is also breaking through the traditional constraints, and gradually changing from post-maintenance and scheduled maintenance to the mode of combining state maintenance and periodic planned maintenance.

For a long time, my company frame of execution is wipe a car maintenance cycle regularly and a half months, but the different varieties, the condition of cotton assorting, yarn spinning process, workshop environment and driving speed, not only waste a lot of manpower and material resources, and problems can not be timely and effective treatment, increases the spinning frame, the failure rate affect the performance of the frame and the quality of products. Based on this, in order to ensure good working condition, spinning frame and give full play to its running efficiency, shorten the parking time, improve the quality of yarn, reduce maintenance costs, prolong service life, our wipe for different situations in ring spinning and car maintenance project cycle have done a lot of adjustment, change the traditional methods of equipment maintenance innovation wipe a car repair system, combined operation wipe the car clean and equipment maintenance, the implementation of “one center, three basic points” wipe the car maintenance plan of equipment: in “to the quality of the products as the center, clean project responsibility to carry out the point-to-point, dynamic maintenance to carry out the point-to-point, regular maintenance to carry out the point”, the effect is very good.

Decompose and optimize the maintenance items of spinning frame wiper

4.1 maintenance of scrubbing car in the state

4.1.1 daily cleaning items

Set up a professional spinning cleaning team to clean the following items once a day according to the state, so that the spinning machine is always in a good state of cleanliness.

Ring spinning: clean the guide plate, turning surface, spindle feet, and spots of dragon tendon; Clean the front and rear of the car, blower and suction fan and drafting cots; Clean up the accumulated flowers and spindle waste of the rack, hammer and cleaner; Clean the large shaft bearing seat and spindle belt pan.

Cluster spinning, in addition to all the ring spinning work, but also need to clean up the tension frame near, between the special-shaped tube and small rollers, small roller bearings at both ends, special-shaped tube surface suction slot and negative pressure joint product flower.

4.1.2 routine maintenance, maintenance and overhaul items

The operator shall mark the defective spindle found in the shift so that the mechanic can inspect and repair the responsible machine on a daily basis after work.

Ring spinning should be done to check the following: flaring position, guide yarn motion; High and low position of cotton suction pipe; Gear and gear meshing state; Gap between jaws and floating zone; The state and front and rear positions of the rubber roller and the rubber ring; Whether the cleaner is defective; The range value of the pressure gauge of the air shaking frame can prevent the single spindle from bad pressure; The starting and doffing position of the flat collared plate and the running state of the lifting column of the collared plate; Working status of lifting spindle; Air leakage of bellows door, position and height of blower nozzle of blower and suction fan; Whether the ingot tape scale is consistent; Guide plate and guide hook status.

The agglomeration spinning also needs to be checked: whether the grid ring is intact; Whether the small roller bearing is damaged; Whether the bridge gear is stuck or worn; Whether the shaped pipe suction chute accumulates flowers.

4.2 regular maintenance and overhaul is required

4.2.1 recommended refueling items and periodic table

Table 1 shows the recommended refueling items with the periodic table.

4.2.2 regular cleaning and maintenance projects

Items requiring regular maintenance: front, middle and rear roller grooves and dead flower bearings; Clean up spindle waste, steel collar plate and spindle crochet flowers, tension disc cumulative flowers; Clean the sling and rotor; Clean up the joint of the big shaft, the foot of the big lamb, the swing frame, the upper pin, the lower apron and the tension frame. Do ring cleaner cleaning; Check whether the tension frame is flexible; Replace the rubber roller after wiping and grinding; Key inspection before, middle and back roller spacing and replace the upper and lower apron according to the cycle; Overhaul and level the steel collar plate, guide plate triangle iron, and knock spindle, suspension line.

  1. Adjust the maintenance cycle of the spinning frame wiper

Based on frame wipe car maintenance decomposition and optimization of the project, we according to different varieties, the condition of cotton assorting, yarn spinning process, the workshop environment and driving speed, in view of the spun yarn product spend thousands of pounds in spinning, current, part and the yarn defects have done a lot of aspects such as monitoring test, developed different wipe car maintenance cycle.

5.1 maintenance cycle of wipe trucks of different spinning varieties

5.1.1 ring spun

Ring spindle spinning carding varieties of different yarn size, wipe car maintenance cycle is different. For 14.6 Tex and 29.2 Tex, respectively, the author has conducted multiple tracking tests on the same vehicle and the same item, as shown in table 2 and table 3.

As can be seen from table 2 and table 3, the data of spinning frames 14.6 Tex and 29.2 Tex increased gradually on the 30th and 20th days after regular maintenance of the spinning frame respectively. Therefore, the regular maintenance cycle of the two types of spinning frame with the preliminary general comb is 30 d and 20 d, respectively.

5.1.2 agglomeration spinning

Cluster spinning combed varieties of different yarn number, regular wipe car maintenance cycle is also different. This is due to the addition of a gathering device in the ring spinning frame drafting area, which increases the number of equipment parts and naturally increases the number of repair and maintenance items. Attention should be paid to the fact that the addition of the agglomeration device is likely to cause the accumulation of short pile in the draft area and thus affect the product quality.

We followed up and observed the centralized combing 29.2 Tex machine after regular maintenance. On the 5th day, we found out that 2 spindles were in bad condition, and on the 7th day, we found out that 3 spindles were in bad condition, that is to say, 3 spindles of each car were producing unqualified products. The details are as follows: the grid ring and tension frame between the flowers; Twist the inner and back rollers of the grid. Lower apron damage.

However, no problems were found on the 10th day of regular maintenance of the huagai spinning and combing 14.6 Tex machine, and 3 spindles were found in bad condition on the 15th day. At the same time, we also carried out statistical analysis on yarn breakage, current and yarn defects of 100,000 m in 1000 spindles, and found that 29.2 Tex and 14.6 Tex had different degrees of deterioration on the 7th and 12th days, respectively. Therefore, the maintenance cycle of regular scrubbing machine of combing aggregate spinning 29.2 Tex machine is set as 7d, while the maintenance cycle of regular scrubbing machine of 14.6 Tex machine is set as 12d.

5.2 regular maintenance cycle of wipe trucks with different cotton distributions

In general, the combing varieties use raw cotton with good quality, long staple fiber length and low short pile rate. After combing by the combing machine, most of the short pile can be eliminated. In the spinning process of the spinning yarn, there are fewer short fibers and flying flowers, which causes less pollution to the spinning machine. Therefore, after statistical analysis of the yarn breakage, current and yarn defects of 100,000 m in 1000 spindles of 14.6 Tex and 18.2 Tex respectively, the maintenance cycle of the two machines is set as 30 d and 25 d respectively.

5.3 influence of other factors on the cycle of the sponge car

When the temperature and humidity change in the workshop, the spindle speed difference is large, or affect the spinning machine running and cleaning state, should be the spinning machine wipe car maintenance cycle to make appropriate adjustments.

6 conclusion

Through the decomposition and optimization of the maintenance project of the spinning frame wiper, the equipment maintenance method combining cleaning, state maintenance and different cycle maintenance for different varieties, cotton blending, spinning process and workshop environment has been developed, and good results have been achieved after nearly one year’s operation. According to statistics, compared with the previous use of half a month of the spinning machine wipe car maintenance cycle, equipment fault down 33%, equipment maintenance labor down 26%, machine material consumption down 18%, planned stop rate down 2.5%, greatly improve the equipment utilization rate, ensure product quality, at the same time improve the company’s comprehensive benefits.

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