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How the spinning frame less broken head?

  1. When the steel collar plate rises to the top and starts to fall, the automatic doffing process wheel is pushed to the travel switch, and the steel collar plate falls, so as not to break the head.
  2. After doffing, roll the steel collar plate to the middle yarn position, and then drive up the leaf plate by about 30 degrees. Five or six seconds after starting the car, roll the steel collar plate to the starting position.

3, the steel collar plate down to near the bottom about two centimeters, the whole car automatically stop, so as a result of inertia will be left with five to eight rings of the end of the yarn, so that the first after dosing easy, broken less yarn.

The law of broken ends after yarn formation is as follows:

I. the distribution of broken ends in doffing: generally, the broken ends of small yarns are the most, the broken ends of medium yarns are the least, and the broken ends of large yarns are more than those of medium yarns;

Second, after yarn breakage occurs more in the spinning section (known as upper fracture), less occurs between the ring and the bobbin discontinuity (known as lower fracture), but when the ring and the ring are not matched, it will cause vibration, wedge, wear, burn, fly ring, etc., so that the lower fracture has increased. The chance of a break occurring in the balloon portion is rare;

Iii. Under normal production conditions, most of the spindles do not break their heads in a doffing process, and repeated breakage will occur on individual spindles.

Fourthly, as the spindle speed increases, the coil load increases, the tension also increases, and the breakage generally increases.

Five, guide hook, screen not only scraping yarn will increase the breakage;

Vi. Weight and material of the steel ring;

Unstable balloon configuration will increase yarn breakage.

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